Our Showroom

Visualize Your Closet Before It's Built!

We’ve specifically designed our large showroom with full-size closets, so you can walk right into them and see how they might work in your own space. Visit us to view colors in person and see accessories in action!

5,500 Square Feet of Showroom!

Some closet stores have drawers and shelving along a wall to show you the features they offer. We feel it’s critical for you to be able to physically stand in a space in order to visualize how it would play out in your daily life. Our full-size replicas will help you see the amount of square footage you will need to accommodate an island or a peninsula in your owner’s closet. Or how it might feel to stand in your prep pantry and reach for the pasta or make a cup of coffee. When you come in, we’ll actually pull out a measuring tape to show you: “This is exactly how your closet would look at your size.”

Please Make an Appointment

We prefer you to make an appointment when you come to the showroom. Here’s why: We want to make sure your designer can spend as much focused time with you as you need. You deserve to have our undivided attention and walk away feeling fully informed. We want to be able to answer all your questions, take the time to go through everything you have come to see, and introduce you to new design options you didn’t even know were available.

A Note on Timing

It helps to bring us into your building process at the blueprint stage. We’re a great resource and can help spot problems before it’s too late. For instance, we might discover that adding a foot or two to your closet means the difference between being able to have an island, or not. Homeowners are trending toward larger closets, which eliminates the need to buy a bulky suite of dressers. Then the bedroom becomes an open, airy place without added clutter. We’re happy to work with your builder or architect on slight alterations like this. We do it all the time.

You dream it. We build it!